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Master Kenneth Peterman, Oh Dan

Master Nicole Peterman, Sah Dan

Master Instructor - Kenneth Peterman

Master Kenneth Peterman holds the rank of Oh Dan (5th degree black belt) and is a certified Master Instructor and member in good standing with the World Tang Soo Do Association.

Master Peterman began his training with the World Tang Soo Do Association in 1990 with the Penn. State Martial Arts Group in State College, PA. Through his college career, with the instruction and guidance offered by his instructor, Master Michael Kaye, he achieved his Black Belt. During his college years, Master Peterman spent much of his spare time practicing and expanding his Tang Soo Do experience. Helping out with beginners in the University class, and at another location off-campus, helped him begin to learn the skills necessary to teach children and adults.

Shortly after graduation he moved to Phoenixville, PA, Northwest of Philadelphia, and continued his training at Vaughn's Dojang, under the guidance of Master Charles Vaughn. He was put in charge of the Youth class at the Phoenixville YMCA, as well as other duties, which further tuned and refined his teaching skills. It was at this time that he tested for his 2nd Degree Black Belt.

In 1996, the Peterman family moved to Coatesville, PA and, although still teaching and training in Phoenixville, began searching for a location closer to home. In 1997, Master Peterman and his wife Nicole, started Brandywine Martial Arts Academy at the Brandywine YMCA and established the tradition of Tang Soo Do in Coatesville, PA. Today, Brandywine Martial Arts Academy offers training in two locations and is known as a place where friends and family can come together to develop their minds, bodies and spirits. Comraderie and friendship among the Tang Soo Do students is very important to Master Peterman. In 2000, Brandywine Martial Arts began offering its Little Dragons program. The addition of the younger students, and giving them their own class was something that Master Peterman had always looked forward to. He thoroughly enjoys working with the younger students and helping them to meet their challenges every day. Through training his own students, Master Peterman was able to prepare for and complete another step, Sam Dan, in May of 2000.

In 2005, Master Peterman was invited to attend his first World Tang Soo Do Association Masters Clinic. It is here where he was put through the rigors of three years of testing, which resulted in his promotion to Sah Dan in 2006 and Master in 2007.

While he is proud of his own accomplishments in the martial arts, Master Peterman is more pleased with the development of his students. One of the lessons heard over and over again is that an instructors progress should be measured by the progress of their students. He feels very strongly about helping his students develop the skills necessary to become instructors, not just students, of Tang Soo Do.

Master Instructor - Nicole Peterman

Master Nicole Peterman holds the rank of Sah Dan (4th degree Black Belt) and is a certified Master Instructor and member in good standing with the World Tang Soo Do Association. She began training at Penn State Martial Arts Group in 1994 under the direction of Master Mike Kaye, and is a founding member of Brandywine Martial Arts Academy.

Currently Mrs. Peterman serves as Program Director, Tang Soo Do Class Instructor, Self-Defense Instructor and Ki Gong instructor. She has also been the head of our very successful demonstration team.

Her teaching experience includes both youth and adult classes, Little Dragons and Tiny Tigers, as well as numerous self-defense seminars and demonstrations. In the past she has also worked with special needs students and is currently involved heavily with our community outreach program.

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